Elizabeth Bowen




Elizabeth Bowen, CBE (; 7 June 1899 – 22 February 1973) was an Irish novelist and short story writer, notable for some of the best fiction about life in wartime London.





The best books of all time by Elizabeth Bowen

  1. 482 . The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

    The Death of the Heart is a 1938 novel by Elizabeth Bowen set between the two world wars. It is about a sixteen year old orphan, Portia Quayne, who moves to London to live with her half-brother Tho...

  2. 872 . The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen

    Set in war-time London, this book is probably the nearest thing to a novel of suspense that Elizabeth Bowen has written. All the elements of a thriller are here, but what Bowen makes of them is an ...

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  3. 1400 . Eva Trout by Elizabeth Bowen

    Eva Trout is Elizabeth Bowen's final novel and was shortlisted for the 1970 Booker Prize. First published in 1968, it is about a young woman—the eponymous heroine—who, abandoned by her mother just ...

  4. 1460 . To the North by Elizabeth Bowen

    A young woman’s secret love affair leads to a violent and tragic act in one of Elizabeth Bowen’s most acclaimed novels. To the North centers on two young women in 1920s London, the recently widowed...

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