Walker Percy

Walker Percy was an American author and philosopher known for his novels which explored the existential dislocation of man in the modern age. He is best known for his first novel, 'The Moviegoer', which won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1962. Percy's work often dealt with the search for meaning in a secular world, and he was influenced by his Catholic faith and the philosophy of existentialism. He was born on May 28, 1916, in Birmingham, Alabama, and died on May 10, 1990.


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  1. 1. The Moviegoer

    The protagonist, a young stockbroker in New Orleans, is alienated, detached, and finds more reality in movies and books than in his everyday life. He searches for meaning in life, often through his relationships with his aunt and his cousin, while also dealing with existential dread and the impending reality of turning 30. This exploration of alienation and search for identity in the modern world won the National Book Award for Fiction.

  2. 2. Lost in the Cosmos

    The book is a satirical self-help guide that explores the human condition and our place in the universe through a series of thought experiments, quizzes, and essays. It delves into topics such as existentialism, semiotics, philosophy, science, and religion, all with a humorous twist. The book challenges readers to examine their lives, their beliefs, and their perceptions of reality, ultimately suggesting that we are all a little lost in the cosmos.

  3. 3. The Message In the Bottle

    "The Message in the Bottle" is a collection of essays that explores the complex interplay between language, culture, and individual identity. The author delves into the philosophical and existential questions about human existence, examining how language shapes our understanding of the world and ourselves. The book also explores the concept of the "message in the bottle," a metaphor for the human quest for meaning amid the randomness and chaos of life. The author argues that humans are "lost in the cosmos" and must navigate their way through a world filled with confusing messages and signals.

  4. 4. The Last Gentleman

    "The Last Gentleman" is a novel about a disoriented and confused man from the South who suffers from a "nervous condition" that causes him to forget who he is. When he meets a young man dying from a brain tumor, he decides to leave his home in New York and travel with the man and his family back to the South. Throughout his journey, he attempts to discover his own identity and grapples with existential questions about life, love, and death.