Ford Madox Ford

Ford Madox Ford, born Ford Hermann Hueffer on December 17, 1873, and died on June 26, 1939, was a prominent English novelist, poet, critic, and editor. He is best known for his novel 'The Good Soldier' (1915), a classic of English literature, and for the tetralogy 'Parade's End', which is considered one of the best portrayals of World War I and its impact on society. Ford collaborated with Joseph Conrad on several works and founded the influential literary journals 'The English Review' and 'The Transatlantic Review', which published works by many notable writers of the time. His writing is characterized by its complex narrative structures and exploration of the uncertainties of modern life.


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  1. 1. The Good Soldier

    "The Good Soldier" is a tragic tale of two seemingly perfect couples: an American couple and an English couple, who meet at a German spa and share a nine-year friendship. However, underneath the surface, their relationships are far from ideal, filled with infidelity, lies, and deceit. The story is narrated by the American husband, who is the last to realize the intricate web of affairs and betrayals amongst the group. The novel explores themes of love, passion, and the destruction that can result from suppressed emotions and societal pressures.

  2. 2. Parade's End

    The novel chronicles the life of Christopher Tietjens, an officer in the British Army during World War I, and his complex relationships with two women: his adulterous wife Sylvia and a young suffragette named Valentine. The story is set against the backdrop of a changing society and the devastation of war, exploring themes of duty, honor, and the struggle between traditional values and modernism.