John Kenneth Galbraith

John Kenneth Galbraith was a Canadian-American economist, public official, and diplomat, and a leading proponent of 20th-century American liberalism. He served as a professor of economics at Harvard University and wrote extensively on economic topics. His works include 'The Affluent Society' and 'The New Industrial State'. He was also an advisor to several U.S. presidents and held ambassadorial roles.


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  1. 1. The Affluent Society

    "The Affluent Society" is a socio-economic critique that challenges the conventional wisdom of the time that economic growth leads to public wealth. The author argues that in reality, the increasing wealth of the United States has led to greater private affluence but public squalor due to inadequate investment in public goods and services. He proposes that society should strive for sustainable development rather than unlimited material advancement. The book has been influential in economic thought, particularly in the areas of public policy and consumer behavior.