David Storey

David Storey was an English playwright, screenwriter, award-winning novelist, and a former professional rugby player. He is best known for his debut novel 'This Sporting Life' which was published in 1960 and later adapted into a film. His work often depicted the struggles of working-class life in the North of England and examined complex personal and social themes. Storey was also the recipient of several literary awards, including the Booker Prize for his novel 'Saville' in 1976.


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  1. 1. Saville

    Set in a Yorkshire mining town during the Great Depression and World War II, this novel follows the life of Colin Saville, a young boy from a working-class family. His parents sacrifice everything for him to receive a quality education, hoping it will lead to a better life. However, as Colin grows up and navigates the complexities of class, identity, and relationships, he finds himself torn between his humble roots and the intellectual world he's been thrust into. The book explores themes of social mobility, alienation, and the human condition.