George Dangerfield

George Dangerfield (1904–1986) was a British-American journalist and historian, best known for his critically acclaimed book 'The Strange Death of Liberal England,' published in 1935. The book explores the political and social upheaval in Britain before World War I, which led to the decline of the Liberal Party. Dangerfield's work is noted for its narrative style and insightful analysis of the period.


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  1. 1. The Strange Death of Liberal England

    "The Strange Death of Liberal England" is a historical analysis that explores the decline of the Liberal Party and the rise of the Labour Party in early 20th century England. The book delves into the socio-political factors that led to this shift, including the suffragette movement, the Irish Nationalist movement, and the labour unrest. It provides a detailed account of the political landscape of the time, highlighting the internal conflicts and external pressures that brought about the end of the Liberal era.

  2. 2. The Era of Good Feelings

    "The Era of Good Feelings" is a historical examination of the United States during the period of 1815-1828, also known as the Era of Good Feelings. This period, marked by a sense of national purpose and a desire for unity among Americans in the aftermath of the War of 1812, is analyzed in detail. The book explores the significant political, social, and economic changes of the time, as well as the key figures and events that shaped the nation during this unique period of American history.