Beryl Markham

Beryl Markham was a British-born Kenyan aviator, adventurer, racehorse trainer, and author. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west. She wrote about her adventures in her memoir, 'West with the Night', which was published in 1942 and became a bestseller. Markham's life was marked by her pioneering spirit and her significant contributions to aviation and literature.


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  1. 1. West With the Night

    The book is a memoir of a British-born woman who grew up in Kenya during the early 20th century. She recounts her unconventional upbringing, her passion for horses, and her career as a bush pilot. The narrative is filled with vivid descriptions of the African landscape and wildlife, as well as her personal adventures and encounters. The book culminates with her historic solo flight across the Atlantic from east to west.