Malcolm Muggeridge

Malcolm Muggeridge was a British journalist, author, and media personality. He was known for his sharp wit and satirical style, as well as his profound conversion to Christianity later in life. Muggeridge worked as a spy during World War II, and later became a prominent figure in British media, hosting television programs and writing for various publications. He authored several books, including his autobiography 'Chronicles of Wasted Time', and was a critic of the liberal establishment and the sexual revolution. His Christian writings and his role in popularizing Mother Teresa of Calcutta are among his most enduring legacies.


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  1. 1. Chronicles of Wasted Time

    "Chronicles of Wasted Time" is an autobiography that explores the life and thoughts of a British journalist and satirist during the 20th century. The book provides a critical perspective on the political and social changes of the time, including the author's experiences in India, Russia, and during World War II. The author also delves into his personal journey from agnosticism to Christianity, offering a profound reflection on faith and spirituality.