Tommaso Landolfi

Tommaso Landolfi was an Italian author, translator, and literary critic, known for his surreal and fantastical style. Born on August 9, 1908, in Pico, Italy, he wrote a variety of works including short stories, novels, and poetry. Landolfi's writing is characterized by its inventive language and often explores themes of isolation, metaphysics, and the absurd. He is also renowned for his translations of Russian literature into Italian, particularly the works of Gogol, Turgenev, and Dostoevsky. Landolfi passed away on July 8, 1979.


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  1. 1. Gogol's Wife

    "Gogol's Wife" is a collection of short stories that are known for their unique blend of fantasy, history, and reality. The stories revolve around a variety of themes, from a man's bizarre relationship with his inflatable wife to a writer's struggle with a demanding publisher. The book is characterized by its surrealism, dark humor, and exploration of the human condition, offering readers a glimpse into the strange and often absurd aspects of life.