Alison Bechdel

Alison Bechdel is an American cartoonist. Originally best known for the long-running comic strip 'Dykes to Watch Out For', she later became widely recognized for her graphic memoirs, particularly 'Fun Home' and 'Are You My Mother?'. 'Fun Home' was adapted into a Tony Award-winning musical. Bechdel is known for her work on lesbian themes and her exploration of family, identity, and sexuality.


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  1. 1. The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For

    "The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For" is a compilation of comic strips that provide a satirical take on contemporary lesbian life, politics, and social issues. The book is a blend of personal and political content, focusing on the lives of a diverse group of women, their relationships, and their struggles. The comic strips provide commentary on various aspects of the LGBTQ+ experience, including identity, community, and activism.

  2. 2. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

    The graphic memoir revolves around the author's childhood and youth in rural Pennsylvania, United States, in the backdrop of a dysfunctional family. The story particularly focuses on her complex relationship with her closeted gay father, who was an English teacher, a funeral home director, and a historic home restorer. The narrative is non-linear, exploring themes of sexuality, gender roles, suicide, emotional abuse, and the role of literature in understanding oneself and one's family.