Steven Naifeh

Steven Naifeh is an American author, known for his work in the field of biography. He co-authored the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography 'Jackson Pollock: An American Saga' with his partner Gregory White Smith. Naifeh has written extensively on art and artists and has published several other books, including 'Van Gogh: The Life', which was also well-received. His work is characterized by thorough research and detailed, engaging narratives.


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  1. 1. Jackson Pollock: An American Saga

    This biography delves into the life and career of famed American artist, Jackson Pollock. It explores his personal struggles, his relationships, and his development as an artist, offering a comprehensive and intimate look at his life. The book also provides an analysis of Pollock's work and its impact on the art world, as well as the cultural and political context in which he lived and worked.