Robert A. Heinlein

Robert A. Heinlein was an influential American science fiction writer. Often called the 'dean of science fiction writers,' he was one of the most popular, controversial, and influential authors of the genre in his time. He set a high standard for science and engineering plausibility and helped to raise the genre's standards of literary quality. He was one of the first science fiction writers to break into mainstream magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post in the late 1940s. He was also among the first authors of bestselling, novel-length science fiction in the modern, mass-market era. Heinlein wrote many novels, including 'Starship Troopers,' 'Stranger in a Strange Land,' and 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.'


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. Stranger in a Strange Land

    The novel follows the life of Valentine Michael Smith, a human who was raised on Mars and returns to Earth in early adulthood. Smith struggles to understand human culture, norms, and conventions, while also possessing extraordinary psychic abilities. As he navigates Earth society, he begins to question many of its institutions and values, ultimately creating his own religion to pass on the wisdom he gained on Mars. The book explores themes of freedom, self-reliance, and the nature of humanity, and is considered a classic of science fiction literature.

  2. 2. Have Space Suit—Will Travel

    In this science fiction novel, a high school student named Kip Russell wins a used spacesuit in a contest, but soon finds himself in a real-life space adventure. After being kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings, Kip must use his wit and resourcefulness to navigate through various interstellar challenges and ultimately save the Earth from an impending alien invasion. Along the way, he encounters strange creatures, forms unexpected friendships, and learns valuable lessons about courage and the power of determination.

  3. 3. The Door Into Summer

    In this science fiction novel, a talented engineer named Dan Davis finds himself betrayed by his business partner and girlfriend. Disillusioned and heartbroken, he decides to enter suspended animation until the year 2000. However, when he wakes up, he discovers that it is only 30 years later and the world has drastically changed. Determined to seek justice and reclaim his life, Dan embarks on a thrilling journey through time, encountering advanced technology, unexpected allies, and the possibility of finding love again.

  4. 4. The Puppet Masters

    In a world where alien parasites have invaded Earth, a secret government agency known as the Special Service battles to protect humanity from the mind-controlling creatures. When a team of agents discovers a small town completely taken over by the parasites, they must find a way to eliminate the threat before it spreads and enslaves the entire planet. As they uncover the horrifying truth behind the invasion, the agents must confront their own fears and make difficult choices to save humanity from becoming mere puppets in the hands of an extraterrestrial enemy.

  5. 5. The Unpleasant Profession Of Jonathan Hoag

    In this speculative fiction novel, a man with no memory of his daytime activities hires a husband-and-wife detective team to follow him and uncover the truth about his mysterious occupation. As the detectives delve deeper into the case, they find themselves entangled in a surreal, nightmarish world that challenges their understanding of reality. The investigation leads them to confront a secret society and a reality-altering substance, culminating in a confrontation with the very nature of existence and the role their client plays in maintaining the balance between good and evil.

  6. 6. Glory Road

    In this science fiction adventure, a former soldier, weary from the mundanity of life after war, stumbles upon an opportunity for excitement when he answers an unusual classified ad. This leads him to a beautiful and mysterious woman who whisks him away on an intergalactic quest. Together, they embark on a perilous journey across fantastical worlds, facing strange creatures and challenging puzzles, in search of a legendary artifact. The protagonist must navigate the perils of this alien landscape and the complexities of his companions, all while grappling with the nature of heroism, destiny, and his own desires.

  7. 7. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    In the late 21st century, the moon has become a penal colony where the inhabitants, known as "Loonies", live under harsh conditions and are exploited by the Earth's government. A supercomputer named Mike, a one-armed computer technician named Mannie, and a revolutionary named Wyoming Knott lead an uprising against the Earth's oppressive rule. With Mike's intelligence, Mannie's technical skills, and Wyoming's charisma, they successfully instigate a rebellion, navigating political intrigue, military strategy, and complex human relationships along the way.

  8. 8. Starship Troopers

    The book is a military science fiction novel set in the future, where humanity is engaged in an interstellar war against an alien species known as the Arachnids or "Bugs." It follows the story of Juan "Johnny" Rico, a young infantryman in the Mobile Infantry, a futuristic military unit equipped with powered armor suits. The narrative delves into Rico's experiences and growth from a naïve recruit to a seasoned officer, exploring themes of citizenship, duty, and the moral complexities of war. Through Rico's eyes, the novel examines the structure of a militaristic society where full citizenship and the right to vote are earned through military service, presenting a society that values sacrifice and responsibility in a perpetual struggle for survival against a hostile universe.

  9. 9. Double Star

    In this science fiction novel, a down-on-his-luck actor is unexpectedly recruited to impersonate a prominent politician who has been kidnapped by political opponents. As he becomes more deeply involved in his role, he finds himself drawn into the world of interplanetary politics and must navigate the complexities of diplomacy among various human and alien factions. The actor's performance becomes so convincing that he begins to merge with his character, leading to a crisis of identity and a deep commitment to the politician's cause. The story explores themes of identity, responsibility, and the nature of political power.

  10. 10. Farmer in the Sky

    The book is a science fiction novel that follows the story of a teenage boy who emigrates with his family from an overcrowded Earth to Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons, which is in the process of being terraformed into a habitable environment. The narrative explores the challenges of pioneering on a new world, including the struggle to adapt to a harsh and unfamiliar environment, the need for self-sufficiency, and the dynamics of building a new society on the frontier of space. The protagonist must navigate personal loss, the complexities of adolescence, and the responsibilities of helping to establish a new colony, all while facing the unpredictable dangers of an alien world.

  11. 11. Beyond This Horizon

    In a future society where genetic engineering has eradicated disease and the economy is managed to ensure abundance for all, the protagonist navigates a world where personal fulfillment and societal contribution are paramount. Citizens are armed and duels are a common means of settling disputes, while those who choose not to improve their genetic lineage are considered second-class. The narrative explores themes of eugenics, social structure, and the quest for meaning in a seemingly utopian existence, culminating in a revolutionary discovery that challenges the very foundations of this carefully constructed society.

  12. 12. The Man Who Sold The Moon

    "The Man Who Sold The Moon" is a science fiction novel that follows the ambitious and eccentric entrepreneur, Delos D. Harriman, as he sets out to achieve his lifelong dream of colonizing the moon. With determination and a knack for persuasive marketing, Harriman gathers a team of brilliant minds and faces numerous challenges in his quest to make space travel a reality. This thought-provoking story explores the boundaries of human ambition and the potential consequences of reaching for the stars.

  13. 13. Citizen Of The Galaxy

    In this science fiction novel, a young boy named Thorby is sold into slavery on an alien planet after his parents are killed. As he grows older, Thorby becomes a skilled and valuable member of his owner's crew. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he is rescued by a beggar who reveals his true identity as a citizen of the galaxy. Thorby embarks on a journey to uncover his origins and becomes entangled in a web of interstellar politics and intrigue. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about loyalty, freedom, and the power of self-discovery.

  14. 14. Friday

    In this science fiction novel, the protagonist, a genetically engineered artificial person named Friday, works as a courier and secret agent for a powerful organization. As she navigates a futuristic world filled with political intrigue, advanced technology, and social unrest, Friday must confront her own identity and place in society. With a blend of action, adventure, and philosophical musings, the story explores themes of individuality, prejudice, and the nature of humanity.

  15. 15. Time Enough For Love

    "Time Enough For Love" is a science fiction novel that follows the life of Lazarus Long, who has lived for over two thousand years due to his ability to rejuvenate his body. Through a series of interconnected stories, the book explores Lazarus' experiences, relationships, and philosophical musings on life, love, and the human condition. It delves into themes of immortality, sexuality, and the moral dilemmas that arise from living an extended life, while also presenting a captivating narrative filled with adventure and thought-provoking ideas.