Hermann Broch




Hermann Broch (German: [bʁɔx]; November 1, 1886 – May 30, 1951) was a 20th-century Austrian writer, considered one of the major Modernists.





The best books of all time by Hermann Broch

  1. 295 . Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch

    It is the reign of the Emperor Augustus, and Publius Vergilius Maro, the poet of the Aeneid and Caesar's enchanter, has been summoned to the palace, where he will shortly die. Out of the last hours...

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  2. 528 . The Sleepwalkers by Hermann Broch

    With his epic trilogy, The Sleepwalkers, Hermann Broch established himself as one of the great innovators of modern literature, a visionary writer-philosopher the equal of James Joyce, Thomas Mann,...

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  3. 1501 . The Guiltless by Hermann Broch

    "Murder, lust, shame, hypocrisy, and suicide are at the center of The Guiltless, Hermann Broch's postwar novel about the disintegration of European society in the three decades preceding the Second...

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