Stella Gibbons

Stella Gibbons was an English author, journalist, and poet. She is best known for her novel 'Cold Comfort Farm,' a satirical work that parodies the romanticized, sometimes doom-laden accounts of rural life popular at the time. Published in 1932, the book won the Femina Vie Heureuse Prize and established her literary reputation. Gibbons wrote over 20 novels, but none achieved the same critical success as 'Cold Comfort Farm.' Her writing is noted for its wit, humor, and insightful social commentary.


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  1. 1. Cold Comfort Farm

    When a young, sophisticated woman is suddenly orphaned and left penniless, she decides to live with her eccentric relatives on their rundown farm. Using her urban sensibilities and wit, she sets about bringing order to the chaos and improving the lives of her relatives. Through her efforts, she manages to transform the gloomy, grim farm into a place of happiness and productivity. This novel is a hilarious parody of romantic, pastoral novels and is filled with eccentric characters and absurd situations.