Chad Harbach

Chad Harbach is an American author best known for his debut novel 'The Art of Fielding', which was published in 2011. The novel received critical acclaim and was a finalist for the Guardian First Book Award. Harbach is also a co-founder of the literary magazine 'n+1'. His work often explores themes of sportsmanship, academia, and personal relationships.


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  1. 1. The Art of Fielding

    "The Art of Fielding" is a tale centered around a college baseball star who seems destined for the big leagues but abruptly loses his ability to throw accurately. The story explores the aftermath of his downfall, the impact on his relationships with his teammates, roommates, and a college president, and the struggle of self-discovery and acceptance. It's a tale of friendship, ambition, and the pressures of expectation, all set against the backdrop of America's beloved pastime.