Claud Cockburn

Claud Cockburn was a renowned British journalist and writer, born on April 12, 1904, and died on December 15, 1981. He was known for his radical political views and for founding the controversial newsletter 'The Week' in 1933. Cockburn also worked for various newspapers, including The Times and the Daily Worker. He authored several books, both fiction and non-fiction, and his work often reflected his leftist political stance. He was a member of the Communist Party for some time and was also the father of three journalists, Alexander, Andrew, and Patrick Cockburn.


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  1. 1. Beat the Devil

    "Beat the Devil" is a satirical novel that follows the adventures of its protagonist, a British journalist, who becomes entangled in a complex plot involving a group of eccentric characters, including a fraudulent tycoon, a femme fatale, and a mysterious Italian prince. The story, set in post-war Italy, is a humorous and biting critique of capitalism, greed, and political corruption, and it is filled with intrigue, deception, and unexpected twists.