Stevie Smith

Stevie Smith was an English poet and novelist, born on September 20, 1902, in Hull, Yorkshire, and died on March 7, 1971. She is best known for her witty and ironic poetry, often accompanied by her own quirky drawings. Her most famous collection, 'Not Waving but Drowning', reflects her unique voice and style. Smith's work explores themes of death, loneliness, and the human condition, often with a darkly comedic twist. She received the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 1969.


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  1. 1. Novel on Yellow Paper

    The novel is a stream-of-consciousness narrative from the perspective of a young woman working as a secretary in a publishing firm in London. She is in love with her boss, but also has a boyfriend who she is not entirely satisfied with. She is constantly questioning her life, her relationships and the world around her, often with a sharp and satirical wit. The novel is unconventional in its structure and style, reflecting the protagonist's unique and individualistic perspective on life.

  2. 2. Poems Of Stevie Smith

    This collection brings together the evocative and poignant poetry of a unique voice in literature, characterized by its wry humor, melancholy, and sharp observations on life and death. The poet's distinctive style combines simplicity with a deep emotional undercurrent, often accompanied by whimsical doodles that complement the verse. The poems explore themes of loneliness, despair, and the absurdity of existence, while also touching on the redemptive power of nature and human connection. The work is a testament to the poet's ability to express the complexities of the human condition with both levity and gravity, leaving readers with a profound sense of introspection.