Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming was an English author, journalist, and naval intelligence officer best known for creating the iconic spy character James Bond. Fleming wrote twelve Bond novels and two short story collections. His books have become classics of the spy genre, and the character of James Bond has been the subject of numerous films, making him an international cultural icon. Fleming's work on the Bond series has had a significant impact on literature and cinema.


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. Casino Royale

    A British secret agent is tasked with bankrupting a French communist and paymaster of a Russian secret agency at a high-stakes card game in a casino. As he navigates the dangerous world of espionage, he encounters a beautiful woman who is being blackmailed by the enemy. The agent must outwit his opponents and survive numerous attempts on his life, all while grappling with his growing feelings for the woman.

  2. 2. From Russia with Love

    In this thrilling spy novel, British secret agent James Bond is targeted by a Russian intelligence group, who lures him into a trap using a beautiful cipher clerk as bait. The plot thickens as Bond falls for the clerk and must navigate a series of dangerous encounters with Russian operatives, including a deadly face-off with a sadistic killer. The story is a blend of action, suspense, and romance, set against the backdrop of the Cold War.

  3. 3. Moonraker

    In this thrilling spy novel, British Secret Service agent James Bond, also known by his code number 007, is tasked with uncovering the truth behind the mysterious "Moonraker" project, led by the enigmatic industrialist Sir Hugo Drax. When suspicions arise about Drax's true intentions for his nuclear missile program, which is ostensibly for Britain's defense, Bond goes undercover to infiltrate the project. Alongside the resourceful police officer Gala Brand, Bond discovers a nefarious plot that threatens the heart of London. Racing against time, Bond must use his wits, charm, and skill to thwart Drax's plans and prevent a catastrophic attack.

  4. 4. Diamonds Are Forever

    This novel follows a British secret agent who is tasked with infiltrating a diamond smuggling ring. The agent travels from London to New York, Las Vegas, and eventually Africa, facing various threats and challenges along the way. As he delves deeper into the operation, he uncovers a sinister plot involving a ruthless American gangster and a deadly assassin. The agent must use his cunning and skills to survive and stop the criminals.

  5. 5. Goldfinger

    In this espionage thriller, the suave British secret agent is tasked with investigating a wealthy gold magnate suspected of illegal gold smuggling on a grand scale. The agent uncovers a daring plot to raid the gold reserves at Fort Knox, which threatens to destabilize the world's economy. With the help of a resourceful female pilot, the protagonist navigates a world of danger, betrayal, and high-stakes gambling, using his wits and gadgets to thwart the villain's elaborate scheme. The story is a classic blend of action, intrigue, and international adventure, set against the backdrop of the Cold War.