Cesare Pavese




Cesare Pavese (Italian: [ˈtʃeːzare paˈveːze; -eːse]; 9 September 1908 – 27 August 1950) was an Italian poet, novelist, literary critic and translator. He is widely considered among the major authors of the 20th century in his home country.





The best books of all time by Cesare Pavese

  1. 425 . The Moon and the Bonfires by Cesare Pavese

    An orphan rescued from death by a farm family returns to Italy from America after World War II with money in his pockets, but wealth cannot protect him from the harsh realities of life. Original.

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  2. 881 . The Selected Works of Cesare Pavese by Cesare Pavese

    "There is only one pleasure, that of being alive. All the rest is misery," wrote Cesare Pavese, whose short, intense life spanned the ordeals of fascism and World War II to witness the beginnings o...

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  3. 1210 . The Harvesters by Cesare Pavese