Will James



The best books of all time by Will James

  1. 38 . The Principles of Psychology by Will James

  2. 53 . The Varieties of Religious Experience by Will James

    The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature is a book by the Harvard psychologist and philosopher William James that comprises his edited Gifford Lectures on "Natural Theology" d...

  3. 78 . Pragmatism by Will James

  4. 421 . The Meaning of Truth by Will James

    In this sequel to Pragmatism, one of America's outstanding philosophers, William James (1842-1910), responds to absolutist critics believers in immutable truth and innate or inherited knowledge who...

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  5. 1696 . Smoky the Cowhorse by Will James

    The experiences of a mouse-colored horse from his birth in the wild, through his capture by humans and his work in the rodeo and on the range, to his eventual old age.

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