Per Olov Enquist




Per Olov Enquist, better known as P. O. Enquist, (born 23 September 1934) is a Swedish author. He has worked as a journalist, playwright, and novelist. In the 1990s, he gained international recognition with his novel The Visit of the Royal Physician.





The best books of all time by Per Olov Enquist

  1. 1104 . The Book about Blanche and Marie by Per Olov Enquist

    A tale inspired by the complex relationship between famous hysteria patient Blanche Wittman and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Marie Curie follows the scientist's ongoing efforts to understand the n...

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  2. 1815 . The Royal Physician's Visit: A Novel by Per Olov Enquist

    An international sensation, The Royal Physician's Visit magnificently recasts the dramatic era of Danish history when Johann Friedrich Struensee -- court physician to mad young King Christian -- st...

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