Kurt Tucholsky

Kurt Tucholsky was a German journalist and writer, known for his satirical and critical style. Born on January 9, 1890, in Berlin, he was also a playwright, poet, and critic, contributing to various German publications. Tucholsky's work often addressed social injustice, militarism, and nationalism in Weimar Germany. He was associated with the left-wing intellectual scene and was a pacifist. His notable works include 'Rheinsberg: A Picture Book for Lovers' and 'Castle Gripsholm'. Due to his Jewish heritage and political stance, he was targeted by the Nazis, who burned his books. Tucholsky died on December 21, 1935, in Sweden, where he had lived in self-imposed exile since 1929.


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  1. 1. Castle Gripsholm

    "Castle Gripsholm" is a satirical novel that tells the story of a couple's holiday in Sweden. The narrator and his girlfriend Lydia, also known as the Princess, decide to spend their summer vacation at a castle named Gripsholm. Their idyllic vacation is interrupted when they discover a child being mistreated at a nearby sanatorium, leading to a critique of authoritarianism. The book is filled with humor, wit and a deep love for humanity, while also offering a scathing critique of society's ills.