Anne Carson

Anne Carson is a renowned Canadian poet, essayist, translator, and professor known for her unique blending of genres and innovative use of language. Her work often incorporates elements of classical scholarship, contemporary culture, and personal reflection. She has received numerous literary awards, including the Griffin Poetry Prize and the MacArthur Fellowship. Some of her notable works include 'Autobiography of Red' and 'The Beauty of the Husband'.


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  1. 1. The Beauty Of The Husband

    "The Beauty of the Husband" is a poetic exploration of a failing marriage. Told in 29 tangos, the narrative unfolds the story of a woman who remains in love with her husband despite his numerous infidelities. The husband, a charming and deceitful character, is portrayed as a figure of magnetic attraction and revulsion, with his wife drawn to his charisma and repelled by his dishonesty. The book is a profound examination of love, betrayal, and the complex dynamics of relationships.