Hugh Trevor-Roper

Hugh Trevor-Roper was a prominent British historian, known for his works on early modern Britain and Nazi Germany. He was the Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Oxford. Trevor-Roper's most famous work is 'The Last Days of Hitler', in which he details the final days of Adolf Hitler's life and the collapse of the Third Reich. His scholarship was widely respected, although he was involved in a controversy for authenticating the forged Hitler Diaries.


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  1. 1. The Last Days of Hitler

    This book delves into the final days of Adolf Hitler's life, providing a detailed account of the events that unfolded in his bunker during the last ten days of World War II. It is based on interviews with surviving members of Hitler's close circle and other witnesses, as well as captured German documents. The author presents an in-depth analysis of Hitler's mental state, his relationships with his staff, his suicide, and the subsequent cover-up by his loyal aides. The book also debunks various myths and rumors about Hitler's death and escape.