G. V. Desani

G. V. Desani was an Indian-born British writer, best known for his English novel 'All About H. Hatterr', which was first published in 1948. His work is noted for its experimental style and its fusion of Indian philosophy and British literary tradition. Desani was also a journalist, lecturer, and a philosopher, and his contributions to literature have been recognized for their unique voice and narrative techniques.


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  1. 1. All about H. Hatterr

    This novel is a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western literary technique, following the adventures of its protagonist, a British-educated Indian everyman, as he navigates the complexities of life. The narrative is filled with humor, satire, and linguistic playfulness, as the protagonist interacts with various eccentric characters and experiences numerous absurd situations. The book is a critique of both British colonialism and traditional Indian society, offering a distinctive and insightful perspective on the human condition.