Newton Thornburg

Newton Thornburg (1929–2011) was an American author best known for his crime novels. Among his most notable works is 'Cutter and Bone' (1976), which was later adapted into the film 'Cutter's Way' (1981). His writing is often praised for its vivid characterizations and exploration of the darker aspects of American society.


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  1. 1. Cutter and Bone

    "Cutter and Bone" is a suspenseful novel that follows the lives of two Vietnam veterans, Cutter and Bone. Cutter, a disabled and embittered cynic, is convinced that a local millionaire was involved in a hit-and-run murder. Bone, a disillusioned womanizer, is initially skeptical but eventually gets drawn into Cutter's obsessive quest for justice. The story explores themes of post-war disillusionment, corruption, and the search for truth in a morally ambiguous world.