Jim Dodge

Jim Dodge is an American author and poet known for his works of fiction and poetry that often blend a sense of myth, nature, and the spirit of the American West. He gained recognition for his novel 'Fup', a novella about a duck, and other works such as 'Stone Junction' and 'Not Fade Away'. His writing is characterized by its humor, philosophical depth, and elements of magical realism.


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  1. 1. Stone Junction: An Alchemical Pot-Boiler

    This novel follows the life of Daniel Pearse, a young boy who becomes an apprentice in a secretive organization of outlaws, magicians, and gamblers known as AMO (the Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws). As Daniel learns the ways of the AMO, he embarks on a quest for a diamond rumored to possess magical properties. His journey is filled with a series of bizarre encounters and eccentric characters, blending elements of magic, mystery, and adventure.