Barbara Demick

Barbara Demick is an American journalist and author, best known for her award-winning non-fiction books. She was the Beijing bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times and has also worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Demick's book 'Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea' won the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction and offers a gripping, in-depth look at the lives of North Koreans. She has also written 'Eat the Buddha: Life and Death in a Tibetan Town' and 'Logavina Street: Life and Death in a Sarajevo Neighborhood', which provide detailed, humanizing accounts of life during conflict in Bosnia and Tibet, respectively.


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  1. 1. Nothing to Envy

    "Nothing to Envy" is a non-fiction narrative that provides an in-depth look at life in North Korea through the eyes of six defectors. The book covers a span of 15 years, during which the country faced a devastating famine. It explores the lives of ordinary citizens, their indoctrination, their gradual realization of the truth about their government, and their decision to defect. The book paints a vivid picture of the harsh realities of life under a totalitarian regime and the struggle for survival and escape.