M. M. Kaye

M. M. Kaye (Mary Margaret Kaye) was a British author born on August 21, 1908, in Simla, British India, and died on January 29, 2004. She is best known for her historical and romantic fiction, particularly 'The Far Pavilions', a novel set in India during the British Raj. Her works often reflect her love for India, where she spent much of her early life.


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  1. 1. The Far Pavilions

    The novel is a sweeping epic about a British man, brought up as a Hindu during the British Raj. As an adult, he serves in the British army and falls in love with an Indian princess. The novel explores themes of identity, loyalty, and love against the backdrop of the political and social upheaval of late 19th century India. The man and the princess must navigate their complex feelings for each other, their conflicting loyalties to their countries, and the harsh realities of their time.