Darconville's Cat by Alexander Theroux

The conflicts between love and hate, good and evil, and life and art are explored in a portrait of Alaric Darconville, a twenty-nine-year-old professor at Quinsy College--a women's college in Virginia--who falls in love with and is jilted by one of his students

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The 2490th greatest fiction book of all time

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  1. - 84th on 20th Century's Greatest Hits: 100 English-Language Books of Fiction (Larry McCaffery)

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Darconville's Cat Hardcover 2702925 $843.13 $297.48 1981
By Alexander Theroux - Darconville's Cat (1981-04-16) [Hardcover] Hardcover 1277572 $177.10 $38.60 1981
Darconville's Cat Paperback 2502613 $1,282.16 $147.33 1996