Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver

When six-year-old Turtle Greer witnesses a freak accident at the Hoover Dam, her insistence on what she has seen, and her mother's belief in her, lead to a man's dramatic rescue. But Turtle's moment of celebrity draws her into a conflict of historic proportions. The crisis quickly envelops not only Turtle and her mother, Taylor, but everyone else who touches their lives in a complex web connecting their future with their past. Pigs in Heaven travels the roads from rural Kentucky and the urban Southwest to Heaven, Oklahoma, and the Cherokee Nation, testing the boundaries of family and the many separate truths about the ties that bind. It is a spellbinding novel of heartbreak and love.

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The 962nd greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 74th on The 100 Favorite Novels of Librarians (Bookman.com)
  2. - How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Reading List (Thomas C. Foster)

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