Confusion by Stefan Zweig

Upon hearing his rousing lecture, a college student grows close to his professor, and he becomes a regular visitor to the professor and his younger wife's apartment, where his teacher alternately entertains him with respect and cold scorn.

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The 2402nd greatest fiction book of all time

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  1. - 37th on Le Monde's 100 Books of the Century (Le Monde)

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Name Binding Sales Rank Lowest New Lowest Used Published
CONFUSION DE SENTIMIENTOS, LA Paperback 1209004 $5.99
La confusión de los sentimientos (Rey de bastos) (Spanish Edition) Paperback 21552436 $32.99 1986
La Confusion des sentiments Audible Audio Edition 76082 $15.85 2011
Confusion (New York Review Books Classics) Kindle Edition 173750 $9.99 2012
Confusion: The Private Papers of Privy Councillor R von D Perfect Paperback 2350300 $10.35 $10.62 2006
La Confusion des Sentiments (French Edition) Kindle Edition 570912 $2.99 2020
La Confusion des sentiments (Littérature & Documents) (French Edition) Kindle Edition 2634321 2013
La Confusion des sentiments (La cosmopolite) (French Edition) Mass Market Paperback 12479566 $21.92 $7.67 2001
Confusion de sentimientos / Mixed feelings (Spanish Edition) Paperback 11710332 $91.22 $78.82 1996
The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig: Burning Secret, A Chess Story, Fear, Confusion, Journey into the Past Hardcover 71036 $15.86 $16.85 2016
Vingt quatre heures de la vie d’une femme: La Confusion des sentiments (French Edition) Paperback 2070561 $11.96 2020
Confusión de sentimientos: Apuntes personales del consejero privado R. v. D. (Narrativa del Acantilado nº 235) (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition 1664802 $6.99 2020
Confusion (New York Review Books Classics) Paperback 197693 $11.09 $4.98 2012
La Confusion des sentiments (Pavillons poche) (French Edition) Kindle Edition 1681264 $3.99 2019
La confusión de los sentimientos (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition 1822510 $5.99 2022
La Confusion Des Sentiments (Le Livre de Poche) (French Edition) Mass Market Paperback 5219975 $10.74 $2.42 2005
La Confusion des sentiments (French Edition) Kindle Edition 1274132 $0.99 2022