Green Henry by Gottfried Keller

'Green Henry' is a representation of Gottfried Keller's ideals and philosophy that documents the emergence of an artist and the development of a man. Partly autobiographical, the narrative recounts the experiences of the title character ('green' after the color of clothing he always wears) through confinement and ostracism at boarding school, apprenticeship with a painter in Munich, his divided affection for two women, and the acceptance of his duty toward his country and fellow citizens. First published in 1855, and substantially revised in 1879, 'Green Henry' is infused with the author's imaginative responsiveness to beauty and deep understanding of the human soul. Admired by Nietzsche and included by Harold Bloom in 'The Western Canon,' it is one of the undisputed masterpieces of world literature.

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The 713th greatest fiction book of all time

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