Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

This novel is the first in The Deptford Trilogy. Ramsay is a man twice born, a man who has returned from the hell of the battle-grave at Passchendaele in World War I decorated with the Victoria Cross and destined to be caught in a no man's land where memory, history, and myth collide. As Ramsay tells his story, it begins to seem that from boyhood, he has exerted a perhaps mystical, perhaps pernicious, influence on those around him. Fifth Business stands alone as a remarkable story told by a rational man who discovers that the marvellous is only another aspect of the real.

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The 855th greatest fiction book of all time

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Fifth Business (Penguin Classics) Paperback 858392 $7.85 $0.01
The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business / The Maticore / World of Wonders (A King Penguin) Paperback 2717849 $6.36 $0.01 1983
By Robertson Davies Fifth Business (Penguin Classics) Paperback 926312 $21.94 $9.25 2001
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The Deptford Trilogy Paperback 3106656 $5.50
The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business, The Manticore, World of Wonders Hardcover 2374959 $93.13 $25.01 1988
The Deptford Trilogy : Hardcover 8279741 $129.98 2007
Fifth Business (Deptford Trilogy) Paperback 163554 $11.26 $2.95 2001
El quinto en discordia (Libros del Asteroide) (Spanish Edition) Paperback 7920798 $22.00 $19.81 2006
Fifth Business (Deptford Trilogy) Audio CD 2695174 $17.23 $10.49 2012