World of Wonders by Robertson Davies

Magnus Eisengrim, the illustrious magician star of a movie being filmed in Switzerland, spends his free time relating the sad story of his life to his director and producer, a cameraman, a mysterious hostess, and a Canadian schoolmaster, in the third volume of the Deptford Trilogy. Reprint.

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The 1023rd greatest fiction book of all time

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World of Wonders Mass Market Paperback 2968891 $3.00 $0.01
World of Wonders (Deptford Trilogy) Audio CD 3597857 $10.76 $13.83 2012
World of Wonders (Deptford Trilogy) Paperback 6434104 $4.99 $0.01 1977
World of Wonders (Deptford Trilogy) Hardcover 941154 $57.58 $1.95 1976
El mundo de los prodigios (Libros del Asteroide) (Spanish Edition) Paperback 14460377 $23.00 $15.68 2007
World of Wonders (Deptford Trilogy) Paperback 526061 $15.72 $1.34 2006