Party Going by Henry Green

A group of rich, spoiled and idle young people heading off on a winter holiday are stranded at a railway station when their train is delayed by thick, enclosing fog. PARTY GOING describes their four-hour wait in a London railway hotel where they shelter from the grim weather and the throngs of workers on the platform below.

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The 2005th greatest fiction book of all time

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PARTY GOING Paperback 7833660 $10.14
Party Going Hardcover 2738757 $83.15 $12.00 1951
Party Going (Vintage classics) Kindle Edition 404452 2011
Party Going Paperback 4204361 $1,824.40
Living;: A novel Hardcover 9725177 $41.95
Living Hardcover 1947414
Living Paperback 5027114 $18.99 $2.67 1991