Maximes by François duc de La Rochefoucauld

François VI, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, Prince de Marcillac (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃swa də la ʁɔʃfucol]; 15 September 1613 – 17 March 1680) was a noted French author of maxims and memoirs. His is a clear-eyed, worldly view of human conduct that indulges in neither condemnation nor sentimentality. Born in Paris on the Rue des Petits Champs, at a time when the royal court was oscillating between aiding the nobility and threatening it, he was considered an exemplar of the accomplished 17th-century nobleman. Until 1650, he bore the title of Prince de Marcillac. - Wikipedia

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The 268th greatest nonfiction book of all time

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  1. - 70th on Pour une Bibliothèque Idéale (Raymond Queneau)

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R Flexions Ou Sentences Et Maximes Morales (French Edition) Hardcover 6516598 $37.02 $55.48 2012
Réflexions, Ou, Sentences Et Maximes Morales: Texte De 1678 : Suivi De Maximes Posthumes Et De Lettres Revues Sur Les Originaux (French Edition) Paperback 20964346 $34.75 2011
Réflexions, Ou, Sentences Et Maximes Morales (French Edition) Paperback 10740688 $16.60 $21.76 2011
Maximas (Spanish Edition) Paperback 10181075 $24.19 $46.00
Maximas / Highs: Reflexiones Diversas (Bolsillo/ Pocket) (Spanish Edition) Paperback 16697390 $31.78 $94.26 1984