Titus Alone by Mervyn Peake

This final installment in the Gormenghast trilogy is a fantastic triumph—a conquest awash in imagination, terror, and charm. With Overlook's new single-volume republication of Mervyn Peake's timeless Gormenghast novels in individual volumes, readers everywhere have embraced Titus Groan all over again. Peake's trilogy is an undisputed classic of epic fantasy, and finally Titus Alone, the final volume in the series, is available again. As the novel opens, Titus, lord of Castle Gormenghast, has abdicated his throne. Born and brought to the edge of manhood in the huge, rotting castle, Titus rebels against the age-old ritual of which he is both lord and prisoner and rushes headlong into the world. From that moment forward, he is thrust into a stormy land of a dark imagination, where figures and landscapes loom up with force and vividness of a dream—or a nightmare.

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  1. - 55th on Waterstone's Books of the Century (LibraryThing)

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Titus Alone (The Gormenghast Trilogy, Vol. 3) Mass Market Paperback 2893923 $45.40 $2.00 1977
Titus Alone (Gormenghast Trilogy) Hardcover 3560017 $96.38 $18.78 1982
Titus Alone (Gormenghast Trilogy) Paperback 4888029 $3.95 $1.98 1991
Titus Alone (The Gromenghast Trilogy) Audio CD 6023089 $20.18 $13.27 2011
Titus Alone (Gormenghast Trilogy Book 3) Kindle Edition 836354 $9.99 2008
Titus Alone (Book three of Gormenghast Trilogy) Paperback 6053723 $8.27 $8.67 2008
Titus Alone Hardcover 6115817 $253.58 $6.31 1970