Giles Goat-Boy by John Barth

Giles Goat-Boy (1966) is the fourth novel by American writer John Barth. It is metafictional comic novel in which the universe is portrayed as a university campus in an elaborate allegory of both the hero's journey and the Cold War. Its title character is a human boy raised as a goat, who comes to believe he is the Grand Tutor, the predicted Messiah. The book was a surprise bestseller for the previously obscure Barth, and in the 1960s had a cult status. It marks Barth's leap into American postmodern fabulism.

The 1087th greatest fiction book of all time

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GILES GOAT BOY Mass Market Paperback 7618092 $52.35 $2.99 1978
Giles goat-boy;: Or, The revised new syllabus Hardcover 11515263 $4.81
Giles Goat-Boy, or The Revised New Syllabus. Paperback 15116127 $3.16 1967
Giles Goat-Boy; or, The revised new syllabus Mass Market Paperback 20074702 $10.00
Giles Goat-Boy Mass Market Paperback 3518660 $42.00 $1.84
Giles Goat-Boy Paperback 3868439 $54.95 $1.90
Giles Goat Boy Hardcover 6304047 $5.30
Giles Goat-Boy (The Anchor Literary Library) Kindle Edition 328984 $12.99 2014
Giles Goat-Boy Hardcover 1331862 $60.25 $2.70
Giles The Goat Boy Mass Market Paperback 7258625 $3.00
Giles Goat Boy (The Anchor Literary Library) by John Barth (1987-09-18) Paperback 4050811 $56.48 $22.84 1987
Giles goat-boy or, the revised new syllabus Hardcover 21507693 $49.98
Giles Goat-Boy (Anchor Literary Library) Paperback 930626 $21.00 $3.84 1987