The Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe

The Butcher Boy is a 1992 novel by Patrick McCabe. Set in a small town in Ireland in the early 1960s, it tells the story of Francis "Francie" Brady, a schoolboy who retreats into a violent fantasy world as his troubled home life collapses. The Butcher Boy won the 1992 Irish Times Irish Literature Prize for Fiction and was shortlisted for the 1992 Booker Prize.

The 1396th greatest fiction book of all time

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The Butcher Boy Hardcover 1679071 $10.00 $1.67 1993
Butcher Boy Paperback 4576174 $55.04 $0.80
The Boys Volume 10: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker - Garth Ennis Signed Paperback 2067582 $19.99 $20.18 2018
The Butcher Boys: Part Two - The Breaking of the Brooklyn Stable Paperback 1767758 $15.00 $15.78 2019
The Boys, Vol. 10: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker Paperback 59792 $6.00 $9.50 2012
The Butcher Boy: A Novel Paperback 234480 $8.47 $1.44 1994
The Butcher Boy Hardcover 14660399 $44.03 $2.92