Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith

Strange Fruit is a 1944 bestselling novel debut by American author Lillian Smith that deals with the then-forbidden and controversial theme of interracial romance. Originally given the working title Jordan is so Chilly, Smith later changed the title to Strange Fruit prior to its publication. In her autobiography, singer Billie Holiday wrote that Smith chose to name the book after her song "Strange Fruit", which was about the lynching and racism against African-Americans. Smith maintained the book's title referred to the "damaged, twisted people (both black and white) who are the products or results of our racist culture."After the book's release, the book was banned in Boston and Detroit for "lewdness" and crude language. Strange Fruit was also banned from being mailed through the U.S. Postal Service until President Franklin D. Roosevelt interceded at his wife Eleanor's request.

The 1580th greatest fiction book of all time

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Strange fruit Paperback 17143718 $4.00
Strange Fruit Hardcover 3409634 $194.24 $19.14 1944
Strange Fruit by Smith, Lillian (1992) Paperback Paperback 7994621 $26.06 $6.78
Strange Fruit (Signet Books) by Lillian Smith (1948-03-01) Mass Market Paperback 8711628 $20.21
Strange Fruit Hardcover 2088530 $860.48 $1.95
Strange Fruit (Brown Thrasher Books Ser.) Paperback 3907891 $16.50 $7.00 1985
Strange Fruit (Signet Books) Mass Market Paperback 4347256 $87.79 $8.31 1948
STRANGE FRUIT (LITT ETRANGERE) Paperback 2743793 $34.18 $15.23 2006
Strange Fruit Paperback 2306447 $24.95 $33.07 2020
Strange Fruit (CANCELED) Paperback 315523 $14.18 $3.03 1992
Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith (1992-07-15) Paperback 9760049 $21.24 $6.00
Strange fruit,: A novel Hardcover 3760687 $2.70
Strange Fruit Hardcover 5192707 $879.48 $4.64