The Famished Road by Ben Okri

The Famished Road is the Booker Prize-winning novel written by Nigerian author Ben Okri. The novel, published in 1991, follows Azaro, an abiku or spirit child, living in an unnamed most likely Nigerian city. The novel employs a unique narrative style incorporating the spirit world with the "real" world in what some have classified as magical realism. Others have labeled it animist realism. Still others choose to simply call the novel fantasy literature. The book exploits the belief in the coexistence of the spiritual and material worlds that is a defining aspect of traditional African life.

The 757th greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 25 acclaimed international writers choose 25 of the best books from the last 25 years (Wasafiri Magazine)
  2. - Man Booker Prize (Man Booker Prize)
  3. - The Graphic Canon (Book)

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Infinite Riches (The Famished Road Trilogy) Paperback 5884062 $13.00 2019
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The Famished Road Hardcover 880204 $8.99 $0.76 1992
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Songs of Enchantment: A Novel (The Famished Road Trilogy Book 2) Kindle Edition 371689 $17.99 2020
Infinite Riches (The Famished Road) Hardcover 3434467 $68.39 $8.62 1999
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