The Greatest Books Since 1990 Written by German Authors

  1. 1 . Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald

    Austerlitz, the internationally acclaimed masterpiece by "one of the most gripping writers imaginable" (The New York Review of Books), is the story of a man?s search for the answer to his life?s ce...

  2. 2 . The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

    Hailed for its coiled eroticism and the moral claims it makes upon the reader, this mesmerizing novel is a story of love and secrets, horror and compassion, unfolding against the haunted landscape ...

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  3. 3 . The Emigrants by Winfried Georg Sebald

    Four narratives weave history and fiction together as refugees from the Holocaust remember their experiences.

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  4. 4 . The Swarm by Frank Schatzing

    Whales begin sinking ships. Toxic, eyeless crabs poison Long Island's water supply. The North Sea shelf collapses, killing thousands in Europe. Around the world, countries are beginning to feel the...

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  5. 5 . Vertigo by W. G. Sebald

    Vertigo (German: Schwindel. Gefühle.) is a 1990 novel by the German author W. G. Sebald. The first of its four sections is a short but conventional biography of Stendhal, who is referred to not by ...

  6. 6 . The Invention of Curried Sausage by Uwe Timm

    The Invention of Curried Sausage is a novella by German author Uwe Timm detailing the fictionalized invention of curried sausage in Germany, as well as describing life in Hamburg in post-war German...

  7. 7 . The Blind Side of the Heart by Julia Franck

    Amid the chaos of civilians fleeing West in a provincial German railway station in 1945 Helene has brought her seven-year-old son. Having survived with him through the horrors and deprivations of t...

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  8. 8 . Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann

    Measuring the World (German: Die Vermessung der Welt) is a novel by German author Daniel Kehlmann, 2005 published by Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek. The novel re-imagines the lives of German mathematicia...

  9. 9 . The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald

    Shortlisted for the 1998 Los Angeles Times Book Award in Fiction: "Stunning and strange . . . Sebald has done what every writer dreams of doing. . . . The book is like a dream you want to last fore...

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  10. 10 . Visitation by Jenny Erpenbeck

    A bestseller in Germany, Visitation has established Jenny Erpenbeck as one of Europe’s most significant contemporary authors. A house on the forested bank of a Brandenburg lake outside Berlin (once...

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  11. 11 . Alberta empfängt einen Liebhaber by Birgit Vanderbeke

    no translation. Original is in German

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