The Greatest Nonfiction Books Since 1970 Written by German Authors

  1. 1 . Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered by E. F. Schumacher

    Small Is Beautiful is Oxford-trained economist E. F. Schumacher’s classic call for the end of excessive consumption. Schumacher inspired such movements as “Buy Locally” and “Fair Trade,” while voic...

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  2. 2 . The Ants by E. O. Wilson, Bert Hölldobler

    This book is primarily aimed at academics as a reference work, detailing the anatomy, physiology, social organization, ecology, and natural history of ants. The Ants is a Pulitzer Prize-winning...

  3. 3 . Pavel's Letters by Monika Maron

    Teasing her family's past out of the fog of oblivion and lies, one of Germany's greatest writers asks about the secrets families keep, about the fortitude of ordinary people in extraordinary circum...

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  4. 4 . Systematic Theology by Wolfhart Pannenberg

    An important mark of a systematic theology is that it be distinct from the rest; owning one does not preclude the need for others. What distinguishes Pannenberg's (systematic theology, Univ. of Mun...

  5. 5 . Crusade and Jihad: Islam and the Christian World by Bassam Tibi

  6. 6 . The Other Education: What you should know about the natural sciences by Ernst Peter Fischer

    It was published as a reaction to Dieter Schwanitz' bestseller "Education. Everything there is to know", in which the natural sciences were deliberately excluded.

  7. 7 . German History 1800–1918 by Thomas Nipperdey

    Thomas Nipperdey offers readers insights into the history and the culture of German nationalism, bringing to light much-needed information on the immediate prenational period of transition. A subje...

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  8. 8 . The Meaning of Hitler by Sebastian Haffner

    The Meaning of Hitler is the title of the English translation of the originally German 1978 book Anmerkungen zu Hitler by the journalist and writer Raimund Pretzel, who published all his books unde...

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  9. 9 . Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass

    Peeling the Onion (German: Beim Häuten der Zwiebel) is an autobiographical work by German Nobel Prize-winning author and playwright Günter Grass, published in 2006. It begins with the end of his ch...

  10. 10 . Philosophy of Modern Music by Theodor Adorno